That's in the Bible?!

A card game using the stories mrs. jones skipped in sunday school

It's time to start brawling with the most iconic and unheard-of characters and stories from the Bible in this new "take-that" style card game - Bible Brawl. It's a card game that uses the characters and stories your Sunday School teacher probably skipped over.

  • Our Story

    We're just a couple of Pastors who enjoy games and wanted to shed light on the stories that Sunday School teachers often overlook.

  • What is it?

    2-5 Player card game

    Ages 14+

    Take the most iconic characters into battle and be the one with the most honor.

  • The Game

    Starting with 5 action points, you can battle opponents, recruit new characters, play action cards and more all done in the pursuit to be the player with the most collected honor.

End Times Expansion

NSFSS Expansion

How To Play