How we are transforming Bible Lessons for teens

How we are transforming Bible Lessons for teens

Hey Brawlers!

We have to share about a unique way we’ve been incorporating Bible Brawl into our local senior high youth group. Our game isn't just for fun—it's also a fantastic tool for teaching and engaging students with the rich stories and characters of the Bible.

Every week, we select a different story from the Bible Brawl game to focus on during our youth group sessions. Recently, we've explored powerful narratives like Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones and the story of Job. These stories are more than just lessons; they come alive for our students through interactive and creative activities.

Coloring and Learning: A Creative Approach

To make these stories even more engaging, we’ve been using coloring sheets from Bible Brawl art. As the students listen to the story, they get to color in the cards that represent the characters and scenes. This hands-on activity not only helps to keep their attention but also allows them to connect with the stories in a personal and creative way.

Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones

One of the highlights was our session on Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones. As the students colored the card of Ezekiel standing in the valley, they listened to the incredible story of how God brought the dry bones to life. This visual and tactile experience helped them to better understand and remember the lesson about faith and restoration.

Using Bible Brawl to Teach Through Characters and Stories

We’ve found that using Bible Brawl in our lessons not only makes the Bible stories more accessible but also more memorable. The unique characters and vibrant artwork of the game provide a fresh perspective on ancient stories, making them relatable for today’s youth.

Join the Fun!

If you're looking for a creative and engaging way to teach biblical stories, we highly recommend trying out Bible Brawl in your own youth group or classroom. The combination of storytelling and interactive activities like coloring can make a big difference in how students perceive and remember these lessons.

Stay tuned for more updates and ideas on how to use Bible Brawl in educational and fun ways. We love hearing how our community uses the game, so feel free to share your own stories and tips with us!



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